OxyGEN is a prototype open hardware developed by a group of engineers led by the Barcelona-based company Protofy.xyz started in March 2020. It basically automatizes an AMBU-type manual respirator in a simple way.

At present, the company is working in cooperation with two hospitals in Barcelona in order to improve the device, and the project is currently in its fifth iteration, aiming to find a device that is efficient and safe for patients. Here you can check out their website for updates on their progress.


After finding out about their project, I began to wonder how I could help them, and finally I decided to adapt their design to wood. I’ve made complete and detailed plans to build the ventilator with hand tools, a wood board and easy-to-find fittings.

The aim is for more people in the world to be able to make one, especially in areas where resources are scarce. The original design is oriented to people who have a CNC or laser equipment, but the plans also include dxf files for use with a pantograph.

Ideally, you should use some kind of hypoallergenic material rather than wood, although you could always varnish it. We could also use particleboard, plywood or MDF with melamine on both sides, and then add some edging. Remember to build the gears with hard plywood or hard wood.

The motor could also be direct drive, avoiding gears, if the rotational speed is regulated electronically. The ratio between gears can also be modified to adapt them to the motor’s rpm. You can download the plans for free here.

This group of engineers has created a community of people to improve the design, available in several languages. If you want to learn more about the project and make your contributions, you’ll find them here!

I haven’t had time to build the ventilator, but guiding you through the plans it will be easy. The making process is the same as in my other projects, here you can see an example:

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