As many of you asked about my drill press stand, I recorded this short video about how it is made and I am gonna show you its main features. I’ll start disassembling it so you can see inside.


This is the SketchUp file included in the free plans that you will find on my website.

Drill Press Stand Plans



This is the adjustable guide that I can block using two carriage bolts to avoid it from turning when tighten the knobs.


Removing this screw we can see how this four bolts are holding the drill press to the base, made of MDF.


The table is made with an HPL panel, also known as Trespa. It is a compact board made of phenolic resins and wood fibers, it is so strong and durable. Although, you can use plywood instead. So I am gonna make some tests to show you how it works.


First thin I have to do is adjust the relative height and then the drill depth. With the bit touching the piece, reset the knob to 0.


Select the desired depth, 10mm in my case.


And lock it.


Adjust the guide and make the drill.


I am gonna make now a deeper drill using two clamps to hold the piece to the guide. It is so useful to make large drills safely.


Finally, I have also adapted it to use as sanding station with this sanding drums like I do with the 3D router. This way I can easily sand curve parts.


And also use it as thickness planner. I’m finishing making the plans and I will let a link here, so you can download them for free.


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