This is the second in a series of eight articles about my new woodworking bench with a table saw and router table. I’ll start by showing you how to use the sliding carriage to make crosscuts in a more comfortable and precise way with the bench table saw.

Workbench Plans


Specs of the sliding carriage for a bench table saw


The first advantage of the carriage is that it gives me more working space to cut large pieces with the bench table saw. I’ve fixed the carriage with four screws, for when I’m not using it. Once unscrewed, the carriage slides with relative ease.

For the carriage’s linear motion, I thought about using linear bearings, but since I wanted a robust benchtop to work on, not just for cutting, in the end I decided to use aluminum miter channels.

The other prerequisite I had was to have everything on the front of the workbench, without anything sticking out. In this way, I find the design more comfortable for using the sliding carriage or the table saw fence, as well as for working on top of it.


I’m going to place the carriage fence to make some cuts. It’s very easy. You only need to use a block of wood as a stop and tighten both adjustable handles. This is the miter track stop I’ll be using with the fence (third picture).

I’m going to cut a piece of pinewood down to a length of 90cm. I adjust the miter track stop accordingly and now I only have to slide the carriage to achieve a clean cut.


The fence can be turned like this for angular cuts. Of course, the T-track profiles I’ve used to secure the fence can also be used to hold the workpieces, as I show in the picture above.


How to use a sliding carriage for a bench table saw


The carriage has a cutting depth of about 40cm without the need for supports on the front, but to cut deeper, I have to use this drawer I installed under the carriage.


It’s very easy to operate, you only need to prop your left leg up against it and move the rest of your body along with it.


Using this system, I can achieve a cutting depth of approximately 73cm. The drawer slides support about 80kg, so I will have no problems cutting all types of boards or wood.


DIY extendable fence for a bench table saw


And that’s not all – the carriage fence is extendable, allowing us to cut longer pieces.


In its most open configuration it allows cutting pieces up to 165cm long, which is not bad at all!


This is the 3D CAD file included in the plans for sale on my website. Also, you can see what the workbench will look like once finished.

Here you will find the following article about this mobile workbench where I will show how I made the router table.


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