Since some of you have asked for specific information about the insert rings that I made a few days ago for my homemade router table, I’ve decided to post this in-depth article on the topic.


Router Table Insert Rings Specs


The inserts have an outer diameter of 90mm. I have made three, one with a 10mm inner hole for small diameter router bits. Another with a 25mm hole for intermediate diameter router bits and another with a 50mm hole for large diameter router bits. I’ve made them out of 5mm thick HPL, but you could also use acrylic boards or aluminum.


This is the 3D model included in the plans of the DIY router plate that you will find on my website. If you are interested in building your own router insert rings and plate, you can download them here.

Router Table Plans



Homemade Router Table Insert Rings


I mark the diameter on the board, drill the central holes with the column drill and cut out the rings in the bandsaw.


I’ll finish making them in a clever way, using a jig with an axis and the sanding disc. They’re a little thicker than the rabbet in the insert. I’ll sand one of their sides down until they’re the right thickness.

If you want to see how I made the router table insert plate to use with these insert rings here you will find the article.


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