I am going to make an update for my Portable Workshop jig saw guide so I can use it with blade angles up to 45 degrees.


To do that I have to remove the quick access cover.


Take in mind that you may need a different solution for other jig saw models, in my case I have to loosen this screw so I’ll make a hole in the plywood in order to get access to it without disassemble the jig saw. I am going to try if everything works with my bigest blade, I also have to modify the guide to adapt it to these angle cuts.


Now I am marking the position of the drill for the threaded insert.


And adjusting the height of the guide bearings.

I am gonna mark and sand the corners on the belt sander in order to get some more cut heigth.


And finally I am gonna show you how to use it with both miter gauge and fence.

And this is the final result.


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