Some of you have asked me whether it would be possible to adapt the Inverted jig saw guide of my Portable Workshop to the Router & Saw Table. And the answer is yes! It can be adapted to those or any other table or workbenches you might have at home.


This 3D SketchUp file shows what it will look like once it’s assembled. You’ll find this file in the plans of the guide.


By turning this piece the guide can be adapted to the left or right side without any redesigns.



How to make the jig saw guide:


Let’s take a look at how I made it. I’m going to detach the lid so that I can turn it, making the job easier.


I’ll mark and machine all the rebates with the help of my plunge router base and the adjustable routing template.


This rebate will allow me to attach the jigsaw and lock it in place, then I put the jig saw in place and check if everything is working correctly.


On the upper part, I make a rebate for the quick access cover, which you can see in a previous video.


I’ll take the opportunity to install another socket for the jig saw.


I install this piece that will allow me to use the guide and try it as well. In this other video you can see how to build the guide.


I mark and place a threaded insert in line with the blade.


And now all that’s left is to check if everything is working properly, I hope you liked it!


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