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    Detailed plans for a homemade 3D Router, perfect for DIY and woodworking projects.It has several functions, such as column drill, sanding station, 2D or 3D router and mortiser.It can also cut and mill circles, rectangles and copy a 2D or 3D reference model. Avoid wasting time when preparing a CNC for non-repetitive jobs.

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    Detailed plans for a homemade plunge base for routers with a 43mm Euro neck spindle mount.For routers up to 80mm in diameter. It can also be used with drills with the same spindle mount.Simple and easy to reproduce design. Includes printable templates to glue onto the board and accurately mark cuts and holes. Perfect for DIY and woodworking projects.

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    Detailed plans for a homemade plunge base for use with Dremel-type rotary tools.Ideal for crafts such as marquetry, luthiery and inlays.Simple, easy to build design for both plywood and HPL panel. It has a precise cut depth system. The plans also include an edge guide and a circle guide.

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    Detailed plans for a homemade 3-in-1 work station for use with Dremel-type rotary tools.Useful for crafts and DIY projects, such as marquetry, luthiery and inlays.The Multipurpose Workstation has three functions: mini column drill, router table and lathe.

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    Detailed plans for an angle drill press vise, for drilling holes and routing at an angle. Perfect for small DIY and woodworking workshops. Simple, easy to build design, using some plywood and a few screws. It can be used in conjunction with a column drill or a router.

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    Detailed plans for a homemade sharpening station which will allow you to sharpen almost all of your table saw baldes and router bits.Minimalist, easy to build design, using only plywood and a few screws.For its motor, you can use one from an old circular saw or an angle grinder.

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    Free detailed plans for a homemade table for a drill press stand, to make all kinds of holes in DIY and woodworking.It has a guide with adjustable depth. It can be used as a drum sander.Perfect for transporting and working away from home.Simple, easy to build design, using plywood or HPL.

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    Detailed plans for a homemade doweling jig, ideal for small DIY and woodworking workshops. Easy to make design that will help you make dowels and holes in many kinds of wood and boards. It can be adjusted for various thicknesses and for 8mm or 10mm dowels.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

Among the many tools we can use for construction, having a homemade drill can be one of the best aids to carry out any of our projects. Although we know that there is no such thing as building a drill from scratch at home, the truth is that we can work on all the implements related to it and Paoson has a great selection of them.

In our virtual store you will find plans to build a DIY drill press from scratch, with all the guarantees that your homemade tool will give you the best performance. We are leaders in the market, which means that each of the plans and designs we make available to you are guaranteed.

A great catalog in homemade drill press and DIY router table plans

In Paoson we want to deliver the best plans, this has been our goal from the beginning. With the passing of time, we have managed to consolidate as one of the best options when it comes to acquiring something as a drill designs. Therefore, in our virtual store, we have arranged for you a wide variety of detailed designs and plans to make a homemade drill press, router table, plunge base or drill press plans for DIY. All plans designed for your satisfaction.

No matter if you want dipping router plans, a homemade router table, dipping base plans for Dremel or 3 in 1 workstation plans for Dremel, we have them. We've taken it upon ourselves to put together the best router table designs, as well as everything related to drill plans.

It’s our mission to provide the greatest satisfaction in each of the DIY drill presses plans we offer to customers. In addition, the quality of the projects that we put at your disposal is unquestionable, most of all, because we have made them ourselves, and as experts in the field we can guarantee and endorse each of the plans in our store.

Incredible quality and prices

We know that variety is supremely important when it comes to drill plans and other tools, but one of the most crucial points when it comes to homemade tools, drill designs among others, is quality. For that reason, in Paoson we have given ourselves the task of creating and make available only the best projects for you.

In addition, if you need a do-it-yourself router table or some routing table designs, you shouldn't search anymore, Paoson will be your best choice. The quality that we provide is intended for experts in router table plans, but beginners can also use them for their projects in an excellent way. So, whatever your level in tool construction, or if you are just thinking about starting, you’ll be able to get there.

And as if that wasn’t enough, in Paoson we offer you different means of contact in which you can ask all your questions about home drills or any other plan you need. We’ll be in contact to offer you quality attention in the shortest time possible. We invite you to contact us, we will be happy to solve all your doubts. In Paoson we are building a better future for you.