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    Detailed plans for a homemade lathe & disc sander for small DIY and woodworking workshops.Simple, easy to build design with cheap and easy to find materials.250mm sanding disc with a tilting table on the left side.Supports other accessories on this website, such as a thickness sander and a sharpening system for chisels and knives.

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    Detailed plans for a homemade sanding station for small DIY or woodworking workshops. Belt Sander and Thickness Sander to attach to the Lathe and Disk Sander on this website. Simple, easy to build design with cheap, easy to find materials. Lathe plans sold separately.

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    Detailed plans for a homemade portable edge belt sander table for DIY and woodworking. Ingenious dust extraction system which can be aligned with the sanding belt or turned to sand in a tilted position. Replacing the sanding belt is very easy thanks to a tightening screw. It has two wheels of different diameters, one is only 50mm for sanding in tight spots.

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    Detailed plans for a homemade 3-in-1 work station for use with Dremel-type rotary tools.Useful for crafts and DIY projects, such as marquetry, luthiery and inlays.The Multipurpose Workstation has three functions: mini column drill, router table and lathe.

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    Detailed plans for a spray booth & air cleaner, ideal for small DIY and woodworking workshops. Simple, easy to build design. It will help you improve your results when varnishing while keeping your workshop clean and free of contaminants. It has doors and a cover to prevent the varnish from touching other surfaces.

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    Detailed plans for making a DIY blast gate box for dust collection. The box has a main 100mm dust hose and two secondary 63mm hoses connected to a blast gate. I've used a dust extraction cuff to connect it to a table saw or a router table. It’s also designed that way so you can use the blast gate box in other woodworking tools.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

Sanding tools can be one of the most useful for any kind of manual work involving wood. For that reason, there is nothing better than having your own homemade belt sander, with which to elaborate all your projects with the best results.

In Paoson we know that you want to have the DIY belt sander plans to build it by yourself. There is nothing better than creating our own tools, with all the specifications we need. Therefore, in this section of our virtual store, you will find everything you need to move forward with your projects in this regard.

A great catalog in homemade belt sanders and varnishing tool plans

Although nowadays, thanks to the Internet, there are a lot of options to find home belt sander plans, designs of home made belt sanders or any other similar tool, the truth is that many of these stores do not have a great catalog.

In Paoson we are aware of this, for that reason we have put all our time and effort in creating one of the best catalogs in both homemade belt sanders plans and DIY paint booths, that way we cover a wide range of products waiting for our customers. And yes, the number of plans and designs will keep growing.

Quality at unbeatable prices

We can do this, because we are experts in the field, professionals who are responsible for choosing, endorsing and guaranteeing each of our designs. Whether you need a do-it-yourself belt sander, a do-it-yourself spray booth or homemade spray booth designs, each of the plans we offer you will have the high quality that you deserve.

Quality also comes hand by hand with the way we treat our clients. For that reason, if you have any doubts about homemade belt sander, paint booth plans or any other item in our catalog, we put at your disposal different means of contact in which we will answer your questions.

We invite you to contact us, we will be happy to know you a little more and reply to your doubts. You can also find us on social media, where we will upload very interesting information about our products.