3D Design of Historic Buildings

08/26/2015 11:49:22   Categories: Cad-Cam

Some interesting architectural buildings near my house that I have modeled with SketchUp.

Here you can download the 3D SketchUp files:

You can see these buildings in Google Earth Pro following these coordinates (3D Buildings layer must be activated)

43°09'26.18" N 8°40'21.49" O
43°12'51.15" N 8°43'21.47" O

Church of Rus, my place of birth. Religious construction more representative of Bergantiños(Galiza/Spain). Baroque style, it has a Latin cross shape to which more bodies were added over the years. Its construction began in the 17th century.

Pazo do Souto. Baroque Manor built in 1672 by the Marquis of Montenegro, on a medieval tower in an old Celtic castro.

Typical granary that we can see in Asturias(north of Spain), usually made of wood and stone.

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