Connecting a Dust Collector to the Saw & Router Table

12/22/2015 13:50:59   Categories: DIY Tools

The domestic vacuum I've been using has not power enough so I decided to buy an 100mm ABS universal dust hood to connect a suction pipe from my saw table to my new dust collector.

First thing we have to do is to remove the doors to work comfortably and then take out this piece of plywood to make the hole bigger.
Put the pipe in place directly to the saw dust output, mark and cut the circle with the jig and use a rasp to improve the surface finish and then we can screw the hood, now Pass the cable and assembly the plug connector.

Fit the pipe to the output of the saw with a cable tie. Cut the remaining part, put the hood back in place and screw it to the table. In order to fit the pipe make a drill and with a little screw fit the 50mm flexible pipe to the hood and rasp the remaining part.

This way if your dust collector has power enough, it will extract all the wood remains from the saw as well as the ones inside of the table and it will prevent the dust going out of the machine, insert now the 100 millimeters flexible pipe and hold it with a metallic zip tie if needed. Finally put the doors back in place and we are ready to check if everything works, as you can see almost no dust remains on the inside.

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