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In this article I'm going to make an adapter for my Dremel, allowing me to attach it to any machine with a Euro neck spindle mount.

To do this, I will use a thread from this cutting accessory which I've never used, because there's no point in buying a machine tap for just this occasion.

First I will trim both ends a little to adjust them to the design that I have in mind.

I will use the same hole saw I used to make the 43 mm Euro neck spindle mount for my tools.

With the help of a spade bit, I will drill a hole to insert the threaded plastic piece.

We sand both pieces for best results.

And then we glue them.

Now I will process this third piece that will serve as a stop, making it easier to put the tool in position. Needless to say, making this adapter on a CNC would be much easier and more accurate, but I wanted to show you how you can do it without it.

This bevel will allow me to insert the dremel further in, achieving greater stability.

Now I'll sand the threaded plastic piece a little to ensure the pieces will bond well, and then I'll glue them with cyanoacrylate. I'll apply two coats of varnish for a better finish.

I've had to give a little extra diameter to the adapter with tape so that it fits tightly in the hole. This was expected, because I drilled both holes with the same hole saw.

Time for a test run on my plunge router base. Everything seems to be working just fine!. The greatest advantage of this adapter is that I can attach the Dremel to a table saw, a 3D router... Anywhere as long it has 43 mm Euro neck spindle mount. This will make them more versatile!

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