Homemade Angle Grinder Holder

07/20/2015 20:13:07   Categories: DIY Tools , Jigs/Guides , Sanding , Sharpening

Get more from your angle grinder with this easy-to-make holder. Made of hard plywood, you can still use your belt sander as a portable in seconds. Many people hold the angle grinder on a workshop vice, and on many occasions I have seen how they had to buy a new one. You could eventually strain the rotor or the brushes, rendering the tool useless, but this method will avoid that problem.

There are many accessories for angle grinders on the market, useful for a variety of tasks, use your imagination to take advantage of them with this holder.

Angle Grinders are dangerous tools, this will allow you to have more control over them, but still, we must use all necessary protections such as goggles and gloves.

What You'll Need:

• Woodworking tools 
• A piece of hard plywood 300x100x20mm 
• A piece of hard plywood 150x100x20mm 
• 1 M12 screw 30mm long 
• 2 M12 washers

The construction is very simple, it is only necessary to shape the piece 150X100X20, adapting it to the shape of the angle grinder, screw it to the big plywood piece checking measures and alignment, and ready!

Where to get some materials and tools used in this project:

Visit the Angle Grinder Holder thread in Forum:

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12/17/2015 15:37:32

Suso from Paoson

thanks Paul, I will do it!

12/17/2015 15:34:45


I love your shop built tools, have already bought the plans for the table saw, would you consider doing a " shop tour " video, looks like you have a very versatile and dynamic set up. Great videos, keep them coming!

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