How to make Mortise and Tenon Joints

03/16/2016 19:23:32   Categories: Tips

This time I want to show you a quick way of making mortise and tenon joints. I am going to make the mortise in my 3D Router using this 8mm Solid Carbide Spiral Bit with Chipbreaker. The same one I told you about in a previous video.

Adjust the height of the 3D Router.

Block the X axis since we are not going to use it.

Place the workpiece and hold it to the fence using clamps and block it.

Adjust the desired stroke in the Y axis.

As the maple wood is so hard, we'll get the work done in several passes.

I like to use this kind of CNC drill bits for tenons because of these tiny grooves that make the glue more effective.

I made the tenon with the disk and my tenon jig. You'll need to do it in several passes too. You better hold the piece to prevent it from moving without ever losing sight of the disk. Turn the workpiece and repeat the process.

Now you can cut away the remainder using the sled.

Round the corners using a rasp.

Finally we can assembly, plane and sand the remaining part of the tenon.

And this is the final result!

Where to get some materials and tools used in this project:

More info in Forum:

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04/20/2016 16:00:44

Paoson Woodworking

Hola Enrique! gracias por tu comentario, esa es otra de las opciones para hacer espigas. En este caso he decidido hacerla así para la gente que no dispone de sierra de cinta, pero es cierto que con la sierra de cinta terminaría antes. Otra opción sería con la caladora invertida, como he mostrado en otro video, aunque con este tipo de maderas también le costaría un poco, terminaría funcionando.

04/20/2016 16:00:07


Como siempre buen video. Sólo que hoy me gustaría hacerte alguna pregunta. ¿No entiendo, y no eres el único que lo hace, por qué hacéis la espiga con el disco y un útil tan inestable y complicado como el que usas. SI además le añades que la altura del disco será el que marque el buen hacer de la espiga la cosa se complica, sumale el hecho que comentas a Alfisher..., si tienes que hacer varias pasadas... uff.

04/20/2016 15:58:45

Paoson Woodworking

thank you very much Bala! I'm glad you like it

04/20/2016 15:57:59


Great job and amazing precision! I like your method of rounding off the corners of the tenon instead of using a chisel and squaring the corners of the mortise. The final result looks much more impressive with this method.

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