Jewelry inspired by musical instruments

05/20/2015 19:37:56   Categories: DIY Home Projects , DIY Projects , Wood Crafts

Jewelry inspired by musical instruments. Made with leftover bits of wood used for manufacturing musical instruments; ebony, rosewood, maple, etc... I never throw away the leftover parts of these rare and precious woods, and after trying to think up ways to recycle this materials I came up with the idea of making this kind of jewelry.

The oil finish is a homemade mixture, with a very pleasant and silky to the touch. Also this oil prevents poisoning or allergies.

Where to get materials used in this project:

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04/09/2018 00:25:43

fahreddin mert

So nice

02/15/2016 11:58:32


Hi Valeska,I have in mind to maka a video about it. Anyway, you can get more info here (english traduction included) you prepare the base with linseed and tung oil (40%+60%) Then depending on the amount you want to make, these are the proportions: Base, 53% turpentine essence 17.8% orange essence 21.4% camelia oil 7.2 All the products must be totally natural, not processed as the ones you can find in a household products shop mixed with metals and other stuff. You can find them online easily. You must make the mixture at 40 or 50ª Celsius. If it is cold the mixture will not be homogeneus. If it is hot than that, it will be dry and it will lose some of the properties of the camelia oil.

02/15/2016 02:17:53

Valeska Waski

Hi, congrats for you amazing work, I really love it! This mixture in finish, what it contains? It's a great finish, I be curious.Thanks fot care =D

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