Jig Saw 45 Degree Cuts

03/11/2016 16:17:20   Categories: DIY Tools , Tips

I am going to make an update for my Portable Workshop Jig Saw Guide so I can use it with blade angles up to 45 degrees.

To do that I have to remove the quick access cover. 

Take in mind that you may need a different solution for other jig saw models, in my case I have to loosen this screw so I'll make a hole in the plywood in order to get access to it without disassemble the jig saw. I am going to try if everything works with my bigest blade, I also have to modify the guide to adapt it to these angle cuts.

Now I am marking the position of the drill for the threaded insert.

And adjusting the height of the guide bearings.

I am gonna mark and sand the corners on the Belt Sander in order to get some more cut heigth.

And finally I am gonna show you how to use it with both Miter Gauge and Fence.

And this is the final result.

Where to get some materials and tools used in this project:

More info in Forum:

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04/20/2016 16:04:08

Paoson Woodworking

The maximum cutting height you can get is seventy milimeters. But keep in mind that depending of the hardness of the wood, 5cm can be tough so you will have to go as slow as you can.

04/20/2016 16:03:33


what would be the thickenss I could cut with using this jigsaw rig.. Say could i cut a guitar body blank of 5cm thick ?

03/24/2016 20:00:12

Paoson Woodworking

Thank you BlackMacX!

03/24/2016 13:49:52


Great idea and I have to applaud your ingenuity, you're giving me ideas on how to setup a mobile shop that is both cheaper and more functional than anything I would have bought. Thanks for the inspiration.

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