Ladder in a Bottle Trick

07/19/2015 17:10:18   Categories: DIY Projects

In my country, if you ask for a shot of liquor after a meal, they'll usually bring out a bottle like this. When I first saw that I was about 12 years old, and immediately got to work trying to figure out the trick so that I could do it myself.

In this case I used a bottle of Jack Daniels, whose dimensions and shapes are perfect for this, although other kinds of bottles will do. The wood should be odorless and tasteless, to avoid spoiling the liquor or whatever is in the bottle.

It's better to use a light wood, such as spruce or pine, since they're easier to bend; and not use glue, to avoid contamination. As you can see in the video, we just need to boil the ladder for ten minutes to easily fold it and also sterilize for later use.

Ladder Dimensions: 140x50mm

Stringers: 140x8x4mm                                                                                       

Rungs: 50x4mm (diameter)  

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