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Hi, I am gonna try to answer a few questions about the cutting diagrams software Maxcut, that some of you usually ask me. I am going to start from the installation of the software and I'll try to make it as simple as I can.

To install Maxcut, we are gonna google it, click on the first link of the results and then in "Free Download" Agree the conditions and press install.

First thing you'll see is the Settings screen, I am gonna go with the Simple Setup. Press "Start". Select you language; "Next", Select the "Measurement type". Choose your "Optimization settings", I am gonna let the normal one.

Here you have to select type the thickness of your blade. Mine is 3 millimeters. In the next screen chose the "Wastage Placement". I am gonna let the layout and labeling preferences as it is, I'll modify this later. Wait for 2 seconds and press the red button to start.

First thing we have to do once opened is configure the boards we are going to use, so click in the "Input Items" Tab, then in the "Materials", "Sheet" and "Add New Sheet" Enter the name, the dimensions, the thickness and that's all.

Maxcut can also calculate the costs of the pieces you're cutting, but some of the options are only available on the Maxcut "Business" Edition.

Now we already have some materials, we can go with the panels. Enter the dimensions, the quantity and the material you want to use.

Let's go to the "Optimized Sheets" tab now and click in "Re-Optimize" Here we can see all the cuts in both layouts.

In the layout Settings menu, we can modify the screen font settings and the print font settings.

In some of the items, the dimensions are not shown because the default font is too big and the label does not fit. I you want to see it anyway you only have to uncheck this and they will show up.

You can also modify the labels if you want it to show the name you gave to each item instead the letters.

If you want to see the dimensions in centimeters, inches or feet, you can do it here, in "settings" - "imperial/metric".

And finally with these buttons you can zoom in, zoom out, scale to fit, rotate and export as PNG or DXF.

Where to get some materials and tools used in this project:

Visit the Cad-Cam Topic in Forum:

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01/07/2019 09:27:31


hello Renzo, inside the folder called "cutting list" you'll find a Pdf file with the number reference and size of all the pieces.

01/07/2019 02:46:25


There's no way to open a file generated by MaxCut for a Mac user like me. How can I know the size of all the pieces to cut?

09/21/2016 12:06:12


Mac equivalent: Cutterlist

09/21/2016 09:35:40

Lars Hansen

Do you know of an alternative for MaxCut for Mac users?

04/20/2016 15:51:11

Paoson Woodworking

Yes, you can easily import/export materials and panels to/from a csv file.

04/20/2016 15:50:41


Can you import multiple cut pieces from an excel file to this software?

04/20/2016 15:50:06

Paoson Woodworking

Hi, I don't think so, I am sorry, there must be similar software for mac!

04/20/2016 15:49:41


is there also an apple/mac version? if so I will definitely give this a try!

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