Replacing P90s with humbuckers

06/20/2015 18:27:26   Categories: Luthier Techniques , Luthiery

Replacing P90s with humbucker pickups on Epiphone type Les Paul. I'll need to make more space for these pickups, as well as making some small adjustments to the binding and fretboard. For that, I'll use templates and a hand router. I've also made some holes in the pickup cavity for the screws allowing us to adjust the height of the new humbuckers.

In all the years I've worked as a luthier, I didn't get a lot of commissions like this. The reverse is way more common, replacing P90s with humbuckers, although in this case the sound improvement was quite noticeable!

As you can imagine, it was a delicate task. One false move with the router could ruin your guitar for good! It's best to leave this kind of job to an experienced person or practise with cheap guitars or wood.

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