Restoring an old acoustic guitar

04/19/2015 15:53:24   Categories: Luthier Techniques , Luthiery

Restoration of an old Epiphone ft-140 acoustic guitar. It's a rare 1979 guitar with a height adjustable bridge, zero fret and bolt-on neck. Great sound!!!

I also polished the frets, the entire body and fasteners. Also, I made a new nut and adjusted the neck's curvature to achieve comfortable string action. Needed a good set-up, after having been abandoned in a closet for a long time...

Where to get materials used in this project:

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01/03/2018 11:58:07


hello Steve, I use these three compounds(copy/paste)

01/03/2018 00:00:21

steve i

What color buffing compound did you use for polish. Green? Gray? difficult to see.

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