Hanger inspired in musical instruments

06/20/2015 19:16:55   Categories: DIY Projects

Wood hanger inspired in musical instruments, the body is hard plywood, the knob steel and maple, finish is acrylic polyurethane with various stains. Have an easy system to hang on the wall, house brand.

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11/13/2015 11:04:24


Hi Loszmi,I am using a 0.8mm cheap gun like this one: http://www.simplycoatings.co.uk/fast-mover-fmt3600-mini-hvlp-spray-gun-08mm-set-up---cw-free-13pc-cleaning-kit-113-p.aspAnd a 25l compressor: http://www.manomano.es/compresores-de-aire/compresor-monoblock-2-hp-24-lt-rc2-24-642502Thanks for your comment

10/25/2015 21:18:05


What kind of spray gun You using? A how big is compresor ;-)

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