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T-shirts and Stickers

Clothing and stickers with Paoson Woodworking logo and designs. Check them out!

Here you'll find my Teespring Store:

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Some of you have asked me if I have stickers or clothes on sale. I've finally decided to offer this option to anyone interested in buying my merch and, in so doing, support my work.

It's not sold directly through my website. Instead, in order to make the selling process more convenient, I decided to make a profile on Teespring, where you can order the products online.

By entering my shop you'll be able to see the articles I've designed, among which are stickers, t-shirts, and sweatshirts in different sizes and models.

Part of the selling price goes to me, so you'll be helping me to keep making content for this site. If you have any suggestions on designs, you may contact me and I'll gladly take them into consideration.