Rotary Tool Multipurpose Workstation Plans

Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email to download a Zip file which includes the plans. Check the description for more information.

If, for some reason, you don't receive this email, you can also download the plans from this site by logging into your user account. Check out the section 2.How do I download my plans of the FAQ:

More details

15,00 €

Included with the plans:

  • All accessories are included in the plans.
  • Instructions in English and Spanish.
  • Scaled printable plans of many parts in PDF and JPEG, A4 format.
  • Full-scale printable PDF templates, A3 format.
  • Exploded views of all parts and Cutting List.
  • A 3D SketchUp model featuring various scenes that will allow you to view and understand the model better, make modifications in the design or check measurements. SketchUp is an indispensible CAD tool for makers, and it's free.
  • 3D Autocad model.
  • Dxf files for Cam programs.
  • The plans are a 23 megabyte Zip file (any computer, Mac or PC, should be able to open Zip files)
  • Take your time to understand the plans.
  • These plans are for a Dremel tool, to install other models you may have to modify a bit the plans.
  • All my plans are in metric, but you can change them to imperial on SketchUp under the command "window/model information," although it's not completely effective at converting.
  • In Autocad, under "format /units" you can change units easily.

Let me know if you have any problem with the plans.

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