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I've purchased your design of the portable workshop and I am going to complete it. However, there are few things that needs you to support:
1. I saw on the video, your Makita 5903R has item that you can lowering this circular saw, but I saw on the Makita 5903R that don't have the item as shown on the pic into to lower it.

http://paoson.com/uploadPics/uploads/Makita 5903R.jpg
http://paoson.com/uploadPics/uploads/Makita 5903R LOWING.jpg

And I have Maktec MT583 instead of Makita 5903R, so you can advice me how to install it in order to lower as shown on the video.

2. I would like to made this table longer than your design (i.e 1,300mm instead of 815mm), but I am considering if I have to keep the position of the circular saw, the router and the jig saw at the same design or I can move the circular saw to the middle of the table or the other end. Pls advice me if how it make comfortable during using.

Thank you so much.


Suso C.

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hi Duong,
1- all circular saws have a system to be able to go up and down the disk, yours sure that have it too!
2- you can move the power tools to the middle, but respecting the distance between them, you understand?


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Dear Suso P.,

Thank you for your reply.

1. I will check it when I come back home.
2. I noted that. I think that the location of carpenter, feed direction and saw revolving direction will impact to the convenience during working. That is why I need the experience from you all.