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I like how he have adapted the plans to use other materials, like the aluminum profile. He wrote:

"First thank you for the quality of your plans and photos. Here is a little feedback of the realisation. When I spoke to a friend about my wish to do a 3D router, he gave me some reclaimed alu profile 45x45mm from 2 differents brands, Norcan and Bosch.
I just had to find out slides to use it. I found them on internet on the site and so I used the alu profile as frame. For the rest, I used 18mm plywood "

The router was already installed above the table

Profile bosch and slide found on / Profile norcan and slide minitec

Here is the 3D router mostly finish. I used the sides of the profile for slidding the 3D router. By this way I can use the top side for the fence or other jigs. As boxjoint jig or later dovetail jig.

View of the rear.

608RS Bearings.

3 springs was needed for the heavy router.

With the 2D followers , it’s not perfect for the moment . Maybe due to the lack of rigidity . I also don’t use a bearing but a simple threaded rod.

Slightly modification. A lock for blocked the height of the router. The ruler is not sealed in a good way.

This is a carriage used for making boxjoint, with the router installed above the table.