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Cole H.

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Suso, can you share the maximum height this saw can open up to? I want to resaw lumber with it. If I think it isn't enough, can I simply make the frame larger without weakening the structure? 12" would be ideal

Suso C.

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hello Cole!
the maximum height this saw can open up is 230mm. If you remove the work table you can cut 260mm. This design allows to make the frame longer, you can lengthen the necessary pieces until you reach 12".
Keep in mind that this way you also need a longer blade.


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Hi Suso,

If you could maybe check the cut list for accuracy. If I read the plans correctly, the wheels have a diameter of 355 mm. However, the cut list for part 36 (which I understand are for the wheels) states that this part should be 340x340 mm (i.e. too small!).

For the pulleys, is my understanding correct that the cut list states the pieces 10 mm larger than the required diameter?


Suso C.

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hello Tilman,

you're right, thanks for letting me know.

I'm so sorry about that. I just corrected it, you can re-download the plans from my website.
I have defined the pulleys and wheels a little bigger in order to cut them easily...