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Cole H.

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Hi. I recently purchased your plans and they are very well done! I have always wanted a saw but cannot get myself to pay for one that is expensive, has no features, and only does small rips. I am from MN and I have a fear that my tops will warp due to the extreme temperatures my garage will see. It is very humid in summers and cold in winters. Is there a plywood that will resist deforming? Can I coat with something to reduce? Would MDF be a better choice? MDF should resist warping better, but I worry about it lasting a long time. Thanks and I look forward to the build!

[email protected]

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Hi Cole,

You better go with Hard Plywood (birch) so much better than MDF for the conditions you say. You can also use varnish or tung oil if you want it to be even resistant.

Francisca Marcia Lopes O.

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Marine grade plywood is a consideration too. Not cheap, but great for these worthy tool builds.

Cole H.

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I was intending to use marine grade but my local store that carries it, Menards, the boars were all warped and in very bad condition. I passed and went with MDO. Plywood interior and an overlay with resin for moisture protection.


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Hi everbody!

I also bought these plans and im thinking to make it with green MDF cause it cost less than half...
Is this a good solution!?

Best regards

Suso C.

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hi Luis,
they are very different materials. You could do it with MDF, but you will don´t get much stability and durability.
Although it would be nice to start, later you can always rebuild it with plywood!