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Hello, I really appreciate your work.
I would be interested to the realization of the "Portable Workshop" (hoping to be able) but I have no idea what will be the cost.
I understand that it is not possible to give an exact value also because the cost of materials can vary greatly from country to country as well as the availability, but it would be useful at least an indication. For example how many square meters of wood (plywood)?
In another message you suggested the site (http://www.fine-tools.com/) for metallic materials (guides, bolts, etc.) More or less what may be the cost there?
Sorry if I ask you these questions, but at least an indication can help.
Thank you

Suso C.

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Hi joefalk,

I'll try it, but keep in mind the prices can vary depending of the country you are and materials you choose.

It could be something like this here in Spain:

Plywood sheets: 120€. Although you can spend a lot less here changing the materials but I don't recommend that.
Fasteners: 30€.
Incra miter channel: 90€. You can go cheaper here too using aluminium U profiles as I did in my Table Saw.
Power hand tools: 500€. Here I am talking about the ones I have. You can buy them all for 100€ if you go cheap but, of course it won't be the same... The good thing here is that you may already have some of them, or in case you have to buy them, you don't have to use them exclusively in the machine, of course. You can remove them easily for other jobs.