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Portable Spray Booth & Air Cleaner

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:40 pm
by Suso

During several of my last few projects, I missed having a spray booth that would help me get the best results while keeping my workshop clean and free from contaminants.
So I've decided to build one based on another one I made years ago with some added improvements.

Blog Article:

Spray Booth Plans:

Post with more interesting information:

En varios de mis últimos proyectos he echado en falta una cabina de barnizado que me ayude a conseguir mejores resultados y conservar mi taller más limpio y sin contaminantes.
Así que he decidido fabricarme una basada en otra que había fabricado años atrás, pero con algunas mejoras.

Portable Spray Booth & Air Cleaner

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:33 am
by Suso
Some of you have asked me where to obtain the filters I used for my varnishing booth. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, they may not be easy to find. In my country, this kind of filters can be bought in large paint and varnish stores. And, of course, they can be bought from varnishing and sanding supplies distributors.

The most important filter is the cardboard one with holes. I've been thinking about it, and I would say that, with some practise, it could be made manually. We would have to use two cardboard sheets with holes, stuck together leaving a small pocket of air between them, and making holes in them that don't line up. If someone wants to give this idea a try, please tell us about your experience!

For the second filter, any kind of filter will do, such as the ones used in dehumidifiers, hoovers and other electrical appliances.

Another thing I've been asked is how often to change the filters:

The first cardboard filter can last forever. The manufacturer says it should be changed when there is too much varnish stuck to it and is too heavy. But even then, it still works! I suppose that if you varnish twice a week, it's good for a year. The dust filter must be cleaned once a month. Especially if you use the booth as air purifier.

After removing it, blow into it. If you see there is too much stuff stuck to it, making it difficult for air to pass, replace it. If, again, you varnish twice a week, you should clean it once a month and replace it every six months more or less.

I'll post a few links I've found on the internet:

Portable Spray Booth & Air Cleaner

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:38 am
by Suso
Algunos de vosotros me habéis preguntado donde conseguir los filtros que he usado en mi cabina de barnizado, la verdad es que no es fácil dependiendo de la zona o país donde vivas. En mi país, este tipo de filtros los puedes encontrar en grandes almacenes de pinturas o barnices, por supuesto también te los pueden conseguir los distribuidores de productos de barnizado y lijado.

El filtro más importante es el de cartón con agujeros, he pensado que con paciencia y algo de práctica podría hacerse a mano, con dos láminas de cartón agujereadas y pegadas entre si dejando una pequeña cámara entre ellas y de modo que no coincidan los agujeros. Si alguien se decide a hacerlo, por favor coméntanos tu experiencia!
Para el segundo filtro se podría usar cualquier tipo de filtro como los que usan algunos aparatos eléctricos tipo aspiradoras o desumidificadores.

Otra duda es la frecuencia de cambio de los filtros:
El primer filtro de cartón es interminable, el fabricante dice que se suele cambiar cuando tiene demasiado barniz pegado y pesa demasiado, pero que incluso así cumple su función! Supongo que barnizando un par de veces por semana te puede durar un año.

El segundo filtro, el filtro de polvo, debe limpiarse una vez al mes, sobre todo si usamos la cabina como purificador de aire. Se debe retirar y soplar, y cuando veas que tiene demasiado material pegado y el aire no pasa bien a través de él, cambiarlo.
En el mismo caso de antes, con un par de barnizados a la semana debería limpiarse una vez la mes y cambiarlo cada 6 mas o menos.

Re: Portable Spray Booth & Air Cleaner

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 6:00 pm
by craigg

I am curious about the process of cleaning and-or changing the dust filter. Do you have to remove the back panel in order to access the dust filter?

Thank you

Re: Portable Spray Booth & Air Cleaner

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 7:14 am
by Suso
hello Craig,

you just have to slide cardboard filter, and you can remove the dust filter through the interior of the cabinet.

Re: Portable Spray Booth & Air Cleaner

Posted: Fri May 08, 2020 7:53 pm
by StephanIN84

i have a question concerning the Fan I could use..

One I found is the DALAP AP Profi. They are available in different sizes. So now im not sure which one would be good.

What kind of Air volume is necessary? The one I spotted has diameter 24cm with air volume 830/1040 m3/h or diameter 29cm with air volume 1110/1400 m3/h. So weight of both are 4kg for the smaller and 8kg for the bigger one.

They are smaller and available as well. Maybe its better to use a smalerl one and than 2 of them?

Best reagards


Re: Portable Spray Booth & Air Cleaner

Posted: Fri May 08, 2020 8:08 pm
by Suso
hello Stephan,
I have installed only one similar to the first one you mentioned. If you are going to varnish large projects, you can install two of them!