grits for sawblade sharpener

Where to obtain materials and tools that I use
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grits for sawblade sharpener

Post by eldercop » Fri Jan 03, 2020 11:06 pm

Do you have some idea of what number grit your coarse and fine diamond wheels for the blade and bit sharpener? Would like to not spend 50 dollars in shipping for one blade.

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Re: grits for sawblade sharpener

Post by Suso » Sat Jan 04, 2020 3:05 pm

If you are going to buy another type of diamond disc to use with the blade sharpening station, try to buy one of at least 500grit.

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Re: grits for sawblade sharpener

Post by Tanker_5455 » Thu Jan 30, 2020 6:15 pm

Yeah, you'll need a 500grit disc for that, you can get decent ones for $20-30, so you won't blow up your budget even with shipping fees.

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