Scroll Saw

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Scroll Saw

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I have now made the Scroll Saw application to my Portable Workshop (as I am very fond of), but have met an unexpected problem with the distance between the jig saw chuck and the table surface which is less than the jigsaw stroke. Furthermore the jigsaw blade seen on the printable template can be measured to 50 mm long, but in my case a jig saw blade is mounted much deeper in the chuck in its lowest position and the 4 mm hole for the mounting screw for the scroll saw blade, would be "buried" in the chuck.
The actual jig saw is Festool 300 EQ.
I wonder what the secret is when I look at your demonstration of a working scroll saw ?
Regards Robert

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Re: Scroll Saw

Post by Suso » Sun May 05, 2019 7:23 pm

hello Robert,

could you upload some photo showing the problem?

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