Types of Boards used in Woodworking

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Types of Boards used in Woodworking

Post by Suso » Tue Aug 04, 2020 1:41 pm

I wrote an article on the site's blog to clearly explain, once and for all, this matter. The ultimate DIY and woodworking board guide. How they’re made, uses and processing.

Here you'll find the full article.

After reading the article, you may come back to this post to add information or ask questions.


1- Plywood Board:
2- MDF Board and Hardboard:
3- Particle Board or Chipboard:
4- OSB Board or Oriented Strand Board:
5- Finger Joint Board:
6- Laminate Flooring:
7- HPL Board or High Pressure Laminate:
8- Methacrylates - PVC - Polycarbonate - Teflon:

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