How to use Maxcut in Imperial

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How to use Maxcut in Imperial

Post by Leif-Norsemen » Tue Aug 09, 2022 6:25 am

I recently purchased these plans and was going through the MaxCut\Mobile Workbench to start looking at the cut list and noticed that each of the sheets are a little different than any sheet of 4x8 plywood I've ever seen. I'm using the Imperial conversion in MaxCut and it's showing 9'9/32" x 6'1/16" as the dimensions for the cut list of the 5/8" sheet. (The other sheets have the same overall dimensions)

Is there a trick to get the layout to work properly in Imperial and to work with 4x8 sheets of plywood? This is my first time ever using plans as I've always just done my own drawings and planned everything in my head. (Obviously I'm not a professional woodworker for my day job. :lol: )

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

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Re: How to use Maxcut in Imperial

Post by Suso » Tue Aug 09, 2022 7:44 am

hi Leif,

what is happening to you is that when you talk about boards of 4'x8', that's feet not inches. When performing the conversion the program is changing the board to inches, not feet.

I don't know if the program has a way to change the board to feet and keep the small pieces in inches.

Another way to do it is export the measurements of the pieces in inches and an excel file, then you have to open a new file in Maxcut and create your own boards in feet and with the correct measurements and then import the excel file. I think you're going to have to tell the program which board to use for each piece. You can also calculate the exact inches of the 4'x8' feet board and create the boards in inches,

You can also send a question to the program support, maybe you can do it in another way.

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