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    Detailed plans for a homemade lathe & disc sander for small DIY and woodworking workshops.Simple, easy to build design with cheap and easy to find materials.250mm sanding disc with a tilting table on the left side.Supports other accessories on this website, such as a thickness sander and a sharpening system for chisels and knives.

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    Detailed plans for a homemade sanding station for small DIY or woodworking workshops. Belt Sander and Thickness Sander to attach to the Lathe and Disk Sander on this website. Simple, easy to build design with cheap, easy to find materials. Lathe plans sold separately.

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    Detailed plans for a homemade lathe chisel sharpening jig that can be attached to the lathe on this website. Simple, easy to build design with inexpensive materials. It will allow you to sharpen almost every kind of woodturning chisels on your lathe. Lathe and grinding wheel plans sold separately.

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    Detailed plans for a homemade 3-in-1 work station for use with Dremel-type rotary tools.Useful for crafts and DIY projects, such as marquetry, luthiery and inlays.The Multipurpose Workstation has three functions: mini column drill, router table and lathe.

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    Free detailed plans for a homemade lathe faceplate & chuck, ideal for DIY and woodworking. Simple, easy to build design. Perfect for use with the homemade lathe on this site. It will allow you to make cups, bowls and plates.

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    Detailed plans to make a knife sharpening lathe attachment. It will allow you to sharpen almost any kind of knife in a fast, convenient and precise way. Innovative grinding wheel with emery cloth. You can quickly swap between grits and it doesn’t deform, unlike stone wheels. This sharpening system is meant to be used with my homemade lathe. Lathe plans...

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    Detailed plans for a homemade folding knife, perfect for carving wood. Inspired by the famous Spanish knives from Taramundi. These are easy to make, with a simple design. The friction between the blade and the wood acts as a locking mechanism. I recycled an old steel saw disc to make the blade. Widely used in DIY and woodworking.

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Different elements are used in the construction that make our task much easier. One of them, and a very popular one among DIY, could be the homemade wood lathe. So in this sense, those who like to assemble their own tools, to buy wood lathe templates becomes an excellent option to better carry on the activity being performed.

At Paoson we understand this, for that reason we put at your disposal a wide range of DIY wood lathes plans, with which you can create and recreate this kind of tools.

A great catalog in homemade wood lathe and woodturning plans

If you've been looking for a specific wood lathe design or a homemade mini lathe, and you've had a hard time finding it, Paoson can surely meet your demands. With the passage of time, and hard work, we have been growing and now we are pleased to say that we are one of the best options when it comes to buying detailed designs and plans to make a homemade wood lathe or DIY woodturning jigs. 

All our projects have the highest quality standards. We’ve been working on DIY plans and designs for years, so our experience ensures the proper functionality of each of the plans and instructions we offer. So, whether you want a mini do-it-yourself lathe, a homemade woodworking machine, a homemade lathe machine or a DIY mini lathe.

Quality at unbeatable prices

Like variety, quality becomes one of the standards of Paoson. Each of the homemade wood lathe plans that we offer has a quality certification We also know that prices are a turning point when it comes to choosing one place to buy then from or another. At Paoson, we offer quality without having to raise the cost of the items. 

Quality is also in our service, so if you have any questions or suggestions, we offer different means of contact through which you can talk to us. We would love to meet you and solve your doubts.