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    Detailed plans for an angle drill press vise, for drilling holes and routing at an angle. Perfect for small DIY and woodworking workshops. Simple, easy to build design, using some plywood and a few screws. It can be used in conjunction with a column drill or a router.

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    Detailed plans to make workbench dogs and holdfast clamps, perfect for DIY or woodworking projects. Work comfortably and safely thanks to these homemade bench accessories. Can be used with almost all kinds of workbenches with at least 28mm thick countertops. Smart design that allows you to hold all kinds of pieces, even tilted.

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    Free detailed plans for a homemade push stick, ideal for use with table saws. Safety is of the utmost importance when working with DIY or woodworking power tools. Use this push stick to improve your safety. Ergonomic, easy to make design, using a few pieces of plywood.

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    Free detailed plans for a homemade lathe faceplate & chuck, ideal for DIY and woodworking. Simple, easy to build design. Perfect for use with the homemade lathe on this site. It will allow you to make cups, bowls and plates.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Whenever we start a project, we want to have the best materials on the market. Instruments that offer us the guarantee that the final result will be as satisfactory as we have always dreamed. In Paoson we know this, that's why we have put at your disposal the best homemade clamps plans, along with other useful ones, with which you will be able to take your projects to another level.

A great catalog in homemade woodworking clamps and fastening plans

In Paoson we know that your DIY projects are very important, so we want to deliver first line materials that are responsible for helping you when you need it most. In this sense, we have given ourselves the task of bringing together a lot of detailed projects of homemade fastening tools plans and clamps and in general, homemade clamping tools on the market. 

We know that nowadays there are many options where you can buy a Workbench Dog & Holdfast Clamp Plans, for instance; however, many of these virtual stores have catalogs that do not provide an unique variety for customers to choose from.

In Paoson, from the beginning we have understood that this is a supremely important part, so we invite you to surf our website, discover all the surprising plans we have for you and choose the best designs for your projects.

Quality at unbeatable prices

The great variety in our DIY fastening tools, DIY clamping tools and many more, would not mean anything if it was not accompanied by an excellent quality in each of its designs. We are convinced that this is the only way that we and our customers can create a long and lasting relationship.

We want you to take advantage of our experience and expertise when choosing and cataloguing each of the designs. With this, we give each one of our customers the security that their purchase will work in the best way, without any kind of problem and we guarantee the total satisfaction in the end.

If you have any doubt about it, we have created different means of contact through which we can have a much more direct relationship. We ask you to use them, we would love to solve all your questions. 



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