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    Detailed plans for a homemade Arduino distance meter. Elegant, easy to build design using pieces of plywood.The screen shows the distance to the 4 objects closest to the sensors.For DIY and woodworking projects, hang paintings, secure shelves or even calculate the total area of a wall.

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    Detailed plans to make a marking gauge & beam compass, ideal for DIY and woodworking projects. Innovative, easy to make design, combining the best of both tools into one package. I used an old plotter blade as a marker. It can also cut paper. It can be built with birch wood or plywood.

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    Free detailed plans to make a homemade stand for a height gauge, ideal for DIY and woodworking. It will allow you to accurately measure the heights of router bits or saw blades. Innovative, easy to make design, using some pieces of plywood and screws. Attaching and removing the gauge from the stand is quite easy thanks to a magnet.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

One of the key points when carrying out home projects is measuring. For that reason, in Paoson we offer you the best homemade measuring tools plans, that will give you great guidelines, with the best prices and with the quality that only a leader company in the market can offer you.

In our virtual store, you will find marking and measuring tools designs of all kinds, as well as patterns of measurement tools, because we have given ourselves the task of creating a great catalog, with quality items created by us. As experts in the field, that makes us one of the best options when it comes to DIY measuring tools plans.

Buy DIY measuring and marking tool plans for homemade measurement tools

Thanks to the Internet, nowadays we can find different platforms that offer measuring tools designs; however, a great amount of them usually present the very usual and repetitive items that do not meet all the demands and needs that the clients look for at the moment of acquiring their plans.

Understanding the previous point, in Paoson we created one of the most unique catalogs that include detailed instructions to make homemade measuring tools, along with marking tools plans for woodworking and DIY. So if you’re looking for anything related to do-it-yourself measurement tools, we think we’ve become one of the most desirable options for all people who are interested in this world. And look out, because with time, we’ll add more new plans.

Our goal is to become market leaders, and to do so we work every day with the aim of satisfying all the needs that customers may have. We understand that DIY marking and measuring tools are one of the most interesting, with the highest output in this sector, therefore we provide quality and the best service so that you know you have made the right choice when you buy at our store.

Quality at unbeatable prices

However, the variety of items we have would not mean anything if not accompanied by excellent quality in each of the plans we offer. To buy in Paoson is to acquire first class designs and patterns, with which the people will obtain all the benefits that they have always wished.

To achieve this, we have used all our expert knowledge in the field, as professionals who offer you our experience after years creating our own plan and building our own tools. Only this way we can ensure the good performance of the final product. That is our guarantee, the leading voice that we want to be in the market and for that, we’ll work with dedication, so we can achieve our own goal.

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Quality, on the other hand, is not only found in our items. Dealing with customers is very important. Therefore, if you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to let us know. We have created different means of contact through which we can have a closer encounter. We invite you to use them, we will be happy to solve all your doubts. In Paoson we build a better future for you.