Belt sander table

06/20/2015 20:00:40   Categories: DIY Tools , Sanding

A clever way to use your belt sander, making it a essential tool in your workshop. Almost all my works go through this tool at some point, and you can continue use it as portable in seconds.

The first step is a bit painful, but necessary and useful, cut part of the sander housing to have more access to the rollers when sanding, this part is not in the video but can be seen on the sander.

The table is made of plywood, I have threaded the belt sander housing and used two quick screws at the base to hold it. The guide is also of plywood, and have made two knobs with leftover bits of plywood and M6 screws.

It is important to make a hole in the table to ensure ventilation of the belt sander, so I placed two strips of pine at the base of table.

What You'll Need:

  • A Belt sander
  • Woodworking tools
  • A piece of hard plywood 500x500x20mm
  • A piece of hard plywood 200x200x15mm
  • A piece of hard plywood 200x50x15mm
  • Two plywood knobs 50x25x15mm
  • Two M6 screw 50mm long
  • Two M6 threaded inserts

Where to get some materials and tools used in this project:

Visit the belt sander table thread in Forum:

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02/12/2016 21:41:43

Paoson Woodworking

Good idea Nello, send me a picture!

02/12/2016 21:26:41

Paoson Woodworking

<p>Hola Soysoun, pues es un poco de las dos cosas, es un soporte que me ven&iacute;a con otra fresadora antigua y yo adapt&eacute; a esta, de todas formas la ventaja del cuello de 43mm es precisamente este tipo de cosas, es muy f&aacute;cil fabricar un soporte de ese tipo, mas adelande preparar&eacute; un tutorial sobre este tema, e incluso puede que encuentres alguno a la venta por internet.</p>

02/12/2016 17:59:27


Hola buenas. Como siempre te digo en todos mis comentarios en tus vídeos de YouTube, eres un artista. Te quería hacer una pregunta. Estoy pensando en comprarme el router Kress 1050 que tú utilizas y aconsejas pero me gustaría poder utilizarlo como router de superficie también, y en este vídeo he visto que tú tienes una guía de superficie... Comprada? Fabricada por ti? Un saludo y cualquier información que tengas al respecto me irá muy bien.

01/01/2016 02:50:25


I made this in a short time from extra 18 mm material, so it cost me nothing. Very useful and easy to make. I did not cut my belt sander. Routed out the place for the sander then added a piece of 6 mm hardboard to the top of the table to bring the table up higher on the belt. I used two clamps with wedges to secure the sander to the table and square it to the table.Thanks for sharing this plan. Nello

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