Today I want to show you my last project, a doweling jig made with hard plywood leftovers and a few bolts. That can substantially improve our dowel joints and drill holes. It can be adjusted to different thicknesses and with 8 and 10 millimeters drill bits removing the steel pipe.


This is the 3D model of SketchUp included in the plans on my website. If you are interested in collaborating with my web or building your own doweling jig, here you can download them:

Doweling Jig Plans




Ok, let’s see how it works. First, I am gonna try with this two pieces of wood. Place a depth stop and adjust the height. Close the jig to its maximum and place it in the end of the board.

Make the drill holes and try the joint by inserting the dowels.


Now I’ll try to join pieces of different thicknesses, tipically used in chairs or tables. Mark and adjust the dowel jig to the center and make the drill hole, you can use clamps to make it easier. Let’s try it.

Finally, I’ll try to make a hole in a flat surface. To do that, I am gonna make a mark, turn the dowel jig and open it to the max to get more contact area. Ok, now I am gonna show you how I build it.


How to make the dowel jig:

Cut the plywood on the portable workshop with the desired dimenssions and try the squareness.

Make the drill holes to insert the guide bolts. And the hole for the clamping bolt in both parts.

Countersink and screw the threaded insert.

Draw the contour of the nuts in the wood and embed them. Check the bolts are parallel and they fit smoothly.

Make a groove on the threaded rod with an angle grinder and a cutting metal blade.

Open a washer of a lower size that we will use as a stop. We need the washer to snaps.

Make the knob in plywood too.


Cut the rod and we can assemble and try it.

Make the holes for the steel pipe and next, make them bigger a litle bit so we can easily remove the steel pipe any time we want. This way we’ll be able to use it with both 8 and 10mm dowels.

Cut the stell pipe, try it and we are ready to barnish.

In my case two coats of nitrocellulose.

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