Today I will make a handle for a bowl gouge, which I didn’t have in my workshop.


For that I will use this metal sleeve, 20mm in diameter, and this piece of chestnut wood which was about to be used as firewood.


First I’ll prepare the wood to place it on the lathe. I cut it into a square with the band saw…


and drill a hole for the gouge. The reason I do this now is because it’s easier to drill a straight hole before cutting the handle into shape.


After marking the centers I place the piece of wood on the lathe and start shaping it with a roughing gouge.


I mark the exact diameter I want in the center of the handle and continue cutting it into shape. Then I turn this part to insert the metal sleeve. It should be tight, but not too much. I finish shaping the handle and use the opportunity to sand it and apply some oil. I cut the leftover bits of wood on both ends.


I insert the metal sleeve and give it the finishing touch with the disc sander.


Now all that’s left is to assemble both parts. I could apply some adhesive, such as epoxy, but in the end I decided not to. I tap gently until the gouge is fully inserted in the handle… and here’s the result!


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