This video-article is about a very useful tool for our workshop. Sanding drums you can easily use with your drill. The body is made of rubber and this black base is a template guide wheel made from phenolic resin that will help us to get perfect edges. There are several sizes and many different sandpaper grits.


First I am gonna try them in the router holder. Place the sanding drum and bring it down until the black guide is at the same height as the template.

Draw the contour of the template in the piece to work and make a rough cut with the jig saw.

Set the height of the guide to the same thickness of the board to prevent it from lifting. Still, we must press down hard with both hands.

Screw the template and we can start sanding.


We are using a fine grit sandpaper in order to get a better finish. I am gonna lower he sanding drum cause I am not going to use the template anymore.


Finally, place the small one to get a smaller radius of curvature.

I’ll do the final sanding by hand.


This is another interesting feature. We can also use these sanding drums as a thickness planer. We always must work against the direction of rotation.


I made this little sliding vise that will be so useful to plane small pieces.


They also can be used in drill presses. I adapted them to my 3D Router removing the guide wheel and inserting a bearing on the table. Here, we can also sand and plane the edges.


Where to get some materials and tools used in this project:

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