In this video-article I’m going to show you how I made these accessories for the lathe, I made a faceplate and an adjustable chuck to turn bowls.


If you are interested in making your own homemade adjustable chuck and faceplate or collaborating with my work, here you will find the free plans.


I’ll begin by machining these pieces with a crown bit mounted on the column drill. In the centre I will drill a hole with a bit 1mm less thick than the threaded rod.

Now I will machine the rest of the pieces. This one is for the adjustable chuck. I will mark all the rebates and machine them with the 3D Router.


Here I’ll make a hole here too with a bit 1mm less thick than the threaded rod.


And now I can finish putting the accessories together. I insert these pieces in the rod, threading the wood in the process. Since these pieces are of a small diameter, I’ll make use of these locking pliers.

Due to safety reasons I’ll put in a couple of screws. I mark their position so that they don’t overlap with the ones that I’ll put in later.


I apply glue again and insert the plate in the same way. On the market you can also find this kind of self-centering longworth chucks. In this case, the axis must protrude a couple of milimetres so that we can center whatever we want to turn on the plate.


All that’s left is to turn the edge and the sides to avoid vibrations when turning. I sand the edges and repeat all the steps with the faceplate.

I will now attach these silent blocks I found in a local store. Ideally they should be conical, with more outer diameter. I know they exist but I haven’t managed to track them down. I’ll make their central hole bigger and attach them to the adjustable chuck.


As you can see, when tightening they expand, allowing us to hold bowls or plates to turn.


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