In order to test out my new homemade portable mortiser, I’ve made a stool, which you can see in the video above, around 8 minutes in. Using the same construction method, I’ve made plans for another tall stool or counter stool.


This is the 3D model included in the plans, which you can buy and download on my website, if you’re interested in making your own low or bar stool or supporting my work.

I’ve used ash hardwood for all the pieces except for the seat, which is red stained MDF. I think it’s a good-looking combination, although the seat could be made from any other material, including ash hardwood.


Low Stool dimensions: 45cm high, 35cm wide and 35cm thick. 

Bar Stool dimensions: 107cm high, 35cm wide and 35cm thick. The seat is 75cm tall.

DIY Stool Plans




I’m going to make the stool using ash hardwood. I’ve cut all the required pieces to size, and in this case I’ll be making 10 and 6mm thick tenons. After marking the position of the mortises, I proceed with the 10mm bit.

Now I’ll use a 6mm bit to cut the rest of the mortises for small crossbars. Since some pieces are small, I’ll use the mortiser’s attachments which will help me cut them in a more comfortable and accurate way.


Now all that’s left is to cut the tenons to size and glue all the parts of the stool together. I’ll also use some 10mm pieces of tenon to screw on the stool’s seat.


I think the result is acceptable, and I managed to build it in a reasonable amount of time! MDF board can also be found in other colors like gray and blue, which I think would also look great with this design. You could even make several stools with different colour seats.

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