Today I’m going to make a mallet. I’ve tried to stick a simple design so that it’s easy and affordable to make. Besides, this type of birch board is quite sturdyand heavy, so it can last for a long time!


As you can see in the video, this is the SketchUp file you’ll find in the plans along with the printable template. You’ll find in my shop for free:

Plywood Mallet Plans



Let’s take a look at how to make it. First we glue the printable template onto the plywood board.


Using an inverted jigsaw, we cut along the lines.


Now we’ll sand the edges on the belt sander.


We’ll reuse the leftover plywood to trace and cut the other two parts of the mallet.


Using a roundover router bit we’ll round out these parts of the handle, and with the help of a router bit with a wider radius, we’ll round out the mallet grip.



We’ll do the final steps by hand. Apply rasps and sandpaper to  the handle, making it more comfortable to the touch.


Now that that’s done, it’s time to assemble the three pieces togheter with wood glue.


Once they’re dry, we’ll sand the piece on the sanding drum with the help of a follower, which will even out any length differences between the pieces.


We’ll also take the chance to smooth out the edges.


We’ll use sandpaper for the final touch…


…and then it’s time to apply some spray varnish. And it’s done!


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