Today I’ll make an angle drill press vise that will allow me to drill and mill holes at an angle. It can be used in conjunction with a column drill or a router. As you can see it’s a simple, easy-to-build design.


This is the 3D model of SketchUp included in the plans. If you are interested in collaborating with my web or building your own drill press vise, here you can download them:

Drill Press Vise Plans




By removing these four screws it can also be used without its tilting functionality in order to drill straight holes.


Right now you can see me drill a hole on an edge at a 45 degree angle.


It will also be useful for milling on my 3D Router. I’ve designed a fast clamping system with adjustable depth.


How to make the drill press vise:


Let’s take a look at how I built it. First, we cut all the pieces according to the cutting list. We make a rebate with the 3D Router. Now I’m preparing the piece that will slide along the rebate I just made.

Although this piece must fit in tightly, it should also be able to slide easily. I’ll sand this side to prevent friction when sliding it. I’ll machine these pieces to place the threaded insert.

First I’ll screw in a couple of screws so that the pieces won’t move when pressuring them with the clamps due to the viscosity of the glue.


Using an angle grinder, I’ll make a little rebate on this threaded rod and machine a washer to insert in said rebate. Although it has to fit tightly on the rebate, it should be able to rotate once it’s in.

We assemble all the components as shown in the video. Here I will also use glue and screws, resulting in an easier assembly and more resistant final product. I’ll give it a try with the drill.

This will make the movements of the whole vise smoother. Now I will machine the handle, made with a piece of maple wood. This hole must be one millimeter smaller than the threaded rod we will use. I apply a couple of coats of spray varnish and I glue the handle with cyanoacrylate.


I’ll put the vise to the test by machining these two pieces. Looks like it’s running smoothly!. I fix them in their position with screws, and then I screw in these hinges that will provide a rotation axis.

Now with the Portable Workshop I’ll machine these two pieces that will allow me to lock the vise at the desired tilt angle. I’ll test the rotation before screwing them in, making adjustments if necessary.

I’ll machine the knobs like I did in a previous video. And now I’ll make sure the vise can reach 45 degrees. If not, we’ll go over this groove again. I’ll make a couple extra grooves on my 3D Router to use this vise… and it’s all done. I hope you enjoyed



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